SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV

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SHINee's 7th album "Don't Call Me" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform:
01 Don't Call Me
02 Heart Attack
03 Marry You
05 I Really Want You
06 Kiss Kiss
07 Body Rhythm
08 Attention
09 빈칸 (Kind)
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#SHINee​​​​​​ #Dont_Call_Me​​​​​​ #샤이니​​​​​
#ONEW​​​​​​ #MINHO​​​​​​ #KEY​​​​​​ #TAEMIN​
SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

Jong Bear
Jong Bear Минуту назад
When KAI watched this amazing MV, he was said "It didn't feel like you were on a break at all, it actually got better, it felt like they leveled up." PERIODT
Andrea Milena Huaman Felix
Andrea Milena Huaman Felix 3 минуты назад
Sigamos reproduciendo esta obra de arte ❤️
ekania sari
ekania sari 5 минут назад
Their vocal is so stronggggg
Princess Lee
Princess Lee 6 минут назад
Onew's voice *fire*
Princess Lee
Princess Lee 9 минут назад
They're insane
cx chiah
cx chiah 10 минут назад
Imagine set this song as your phone ringtone
keyla Army
keyla Army 10 минут назад
Silviani Anjelina
Silviani Anjelina 11 минут назад
Dr indonesia, suka banget sama mereka, dr jaman smp dulu selalu mengikuti, dan yg paling suka dr dulu ONEW
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 12 минут назад
SHINee World fighting!!
Eyyoo Bruhh
Eyyoo Bruhh 13 минут назад
I fall in love with onew voice😭😭
Safiyye Yay
Safiyye Yay 11 минут назад
You should watch his ‘Nessun dorma’ at Tokyo dome. He sings opera
koki koki
koki koki 13 минут назад
hasini hasini
hasini hasini 14 минут назад
Love u #shinee🥰😘😘 great vocals😘🥰🥰🥰😍
Mery Zulema Apaza Calderon
Mery Zulema Apaza Calderon 14 минут назад
Amé esta canción con solo escucharla una vez
M D 14 минут назад
I’ll check this MV every morning and night.
SHINee palette
SHINee palette 15 минут назад
45 minutes pls v0t3 on idolchamp NOW
lulucophie 17 минут назад
yup pls keep str3aming~
Rosdiana 041
Rosdiana 041 18 минут назад
Cuayoooo!!!!! Saranghae all♡♡♡♡
Rania Kencana
Rania Kencana 20 минут назад
Go to mwave now DCM currently at 3rd place let's minimize the gap
Sunshine Kate Son
Sunshine Kate Son 27 минут назад
No regrets to stan this LEGENDS only SHINee can do this💎💎💎💎💎
Boo boo
Boo boo 28 минут назад
We almost reach 30M Shawol fighting
Tiger Lilac
Tiger Lilac 30 минут назад
It's scary how this song literally keeps on getting better every single time I listen to it. THE POWER.
Nancy L
Nancy L 31 минуту назад
You guys should watch the behind the scenes process of the recording for this song. All the layering and backup vocals. Everything is theirs. You appreciate more the song now.
ade Julianti
ade Julianti 31 минуту назад
Dung tak dung dung~~~😂😂😂 enak banget gila😭
ItsPacia 31 минуту назад
I know you guys will come at me but I just have to say that this was weird...sorry
Tate Chel
Tate Chel 10 минут назад
It's weird the first time you hear this but it becomes better the second time you listen to this. Try to listen once again. we shawols will appreciate it alot
Insecure Guy
Insecure Guy 17 минут назад
No . I am shawol but same for the first time 😂 but i just really love SHINee and this song keep getting better and better everytime i heard it
Nancy L
Nancy L 29 минут назад
Shawols are mature. They respect all opinions
day nim
day nim 32 минуты назад
Kualitas SM gak usah diragukan
Godfriend 33 минуты назад
Mary Ann Espura
Mary Ann Espura 33 минуты назад
Shinee is still powerful af!!
teenprez 34 минуты назад
love it when Jinki says "so Pokemon to me", fav part 🤣
Mia S. F
Mia S. F 35 минут назад
Congratulations for the 4th win they deserve more and more 🥺💙
ung j
ung j 35 минут назад
컨셉 장인 샤이니
Nithi Haruhi
Nithi Haruhi 37 минут назад
karla mc
karla mc 38 минут назад
Thank you SHINee , I love you guys
Zang Grine
Zang Grine 41 минуту назад
DCM 4th win!! 30M next ^_^
Serena Lee
Serena Lee 42 минуты назад
Falta muy poco para los 30M =)
onamo omano
onamo omano 43 минуты назад
Now that I think about it, I'm so happy that the comment section in SHINee's mv has no bitter haters/outsiders 🥰🥰. This shows how we Shawols are so peaceful and no one ever touches us and our kingsss and hopefully in the future too. Thank you SHINee for this awesome, once again cb, for us SHAWOLS. YOU DID VERY WELL AGAIN THIS YEAR AND WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU. 🥰🥰
Nur Rizki Syafitri
Nur Rizki Syafitri 44 минуты назад
I think SM make song for sasaeng(?) Don't call me and obsession (?) I want to be sasaeng and got song from SM, LOL, i just kidding.
Star 46 минут назад
4 win
Lalisa_ 48 минут назад
Shinee is bringing the old fashion old is gold💓
Cstich 39 минут назад
@dongkolmie shine search on yt tuto please and look at several previous comments. Emojis don't freeze anything. Please positive comments for Shinee
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 43 минуты назад
please don't use emojis, it affects the number of viewers. please appreciate their hard work. thanks
Nahir Vilca
Nahir Vilca 49 минут назад
More and more little to get 30M, 200,000 more and we got it
Agnostik asy
Agnostik asy 49 минут назад
Of of bebeklerimmmm
Ankita Priyadarshini
Ankita Priyadarshini 50 минут назад
Please vote for shinee on mnet
SHINee palette
SHINee palette 50 минут назад
we can give them 5 wins if we str34m more!! ♡
Nelly G
Nelly G 52 минуты назад
30M soon!!!
Espacio Melody
Espacio Melody 53 минуты назад
Nahir Vilca
Nahir Vilca 53 минуты назад
With one more win, it would be an award for each member, let's go for the #shinee5thwin #Dont_Call_Me_5thwin
Nahir Vilca
Nahir Vilca 55 минут назад
29.811----200.000 - - - - 30M
이응이응 56 минут назад
스트리밍되는 라디오에서 듣고 엑소노래인줄 알았음; 노래풍도 그렇고 4명이서도 목소리가 이렇게 풍부하다니
hmm ninara
hmm ninara 57 минут назад
200rebu lagi guys se di ki it la a a gi
SHINee palette
SHINee palette 57 минут назад
Espacio Melody
Espacio Melody 57 минут назад
Hadi lan 3 gündür 29
R4g1nT0xD3 58 минут назад
девочки. .. . . . . . . . . . . я в шокЕ вы видели ЭтОгО Михуюка??????????????????????????????????????????? Ставьте лайк клипу
dubuchilka Час назад
It's kinda sad that the promotion period is over, but when I remember how many happy memories we got from this comeback I can't help but just thankful to the members. You guys work hard, we're proud of you!
khow oat
khow oat Час назад
pingkan dwi adinda
pingkan dwi adinda Час назад
Farhatun Rizqiyah
Farhatun Rizqiyah Час назад
Beberapa mirip irama nya EXO ga heran sih soalnya satu management,jadi kangen Exo huhu
Куанышбек Курбанов
Куанышбек Курбанов Час назад
Onew the best💎👑kings vocals😘❤
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 46 минут назад
please don't use emojis, it affects the number of viewers
vidya kyung
vidya kyung Час назад
Look at this because finished watcing kimbab family.. SHINee fighting..
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 42 минуты назад
please don't use emojis, it affects the number of viewers. please appreciate their hard work. thanks
Gerry Lomboy
Gerry Lomboy Час назад
Almost 30m. C’mon we can do it guys
Cstich Час назад
If everyone search on yt tuto, the OFFICIAL source, they must know that emojis, links and hashtags don't freeze. So let's stop disturb people with that. Let shawols show their love for Shinee with emojis. etc...Let's add positive comments instead. Thanks
TY 9571
TY 9571 Час назад
Check this yo’ll
Lea Nott
Lea Nott Час назад
The promotions are over already 😔 this era was truly a gift. I love to see the boys being happy and enjoying themselves on stage. we waited 3 years for this comeback and it was totally worth it! 💙 shawol forever 💎
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 42 минуты назад
please don't use emojis, it affects the number of viewers. please appreciate their hard work. thanks
Feny Karl
Feny Karl Час назад
SHINee legend
Im Ji Ho
Im Ji Ho Час назад
Feny Karl
Feny Karl Час назад
Go 30M Shawols
worldwide handsome
worldwide handsome Час назад
30m soon
Carlota Час назад
They all slayed in this comeback, but I gotta say Key nailed this era.
Alecs Andrea Feria
Alecs Andrea Feria Час назад
not a fan of them and the first time i hear this, it didn't fit my taste but idk now, i'm always here everyday and watched all their comeback stage HELPPPP
김송송 Час назад
GO 30M
•Hanan Kim•
•Hanan Kim• Час назад
I don't like this song
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 40 минут назад
thanks, but please don't be pretentious
SHINee palette
SHINee palette 52 минуты назад
thanks for your v13w
Ayu Lestari
Ayu Lestari Час назад
"Number your calling Is disconected," my fav part. oughhh so cool, dangerous vibe
zenzenzense Час назад
Yo this song is a bop
Rahael Nadila
Rahael Nadila Час назад
좀좀달라져라 Час назад
스타일링 넘 이뻐요!
جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر
جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر Час назад
هانور. شفتي اني خوش عجبتج الصورة
نورة𖤍. Час назад
Today vote for Shinee in idol champ and Mwave and whos fan fighting shawols
نورة𖤍. Час назад
Soon 30M
lovelyeol Час назад
29, 794, 371 Check this out you'll We are so close to 30M
lovelyeol Час назад
29, 802, 064 now
Natsuki Kubo
Natsuki Kubo Час назад
The number is getting better? 210K to go! GO GO! :-)
Rania Kencana
Rania Kencana Час назад
Dcm 4th win yeeey
MsGucci X
MsGucci X Час назад
keep it up dear shawols!
PK Час назад
Keep st34ming my beautiful fam
bae candy
bae candy Час назад
Today SHINee won again in Inkigayo! Along with sungchan's first day as the new MC in Inkigayo, congratulations to SHINee! Let's make another win for don't call me~
hmm ninara
hmm ninara Час назад
Keep str3aming dont stop!!!
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 49 минут назад
please if streaming must comply with the rules first, thanks😊
나나나나 Час назад
Pinky arisandy
Pinky arisandy Час назад
minhooo 😊
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 17 минут назад
@Cstich okay, alright thanks for reminding me
Cstich 24 минуты назад
@dongkolmie shine can you stop Spam no emojis? Please and ask RUposts on Twitter emojis, links and hashtags don't freeze anything. Only positive comments for Shinee
Maya Час назад
S W Час назад
congratulations SHINee for your 4th win
Syasya Yusra
Syasya Yusra Час назад
i love onew’s voice!!
Rinné Rinné
Rinné Rinné Час назад
Road to 50M views everyone? We can do this! 💎💎💎
Zang Grine
Zang Grine 13 минут назад
Cstich Час назад
@lovelyeol again ask yt on twitter please don't disturb people. Everyone in 2021 know that emojis, links and hashtags don't freeze anything. And read the several previous comments about
lovelyeol Час назад
The emojis fro-ze the vi3ws!
Natalia Rosalina
Natalia Rosalina Час назад
so cool
Reniandriani Rivai
Reniandriani Rivai Час назад
Shinee is back ❤️
darma kasih
darma kasih Час назад
Otw 50jt bisa gk ya?
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 38 минут назад
of course, let's go
Genesis Vasquez
Genesis Vasquez Час назад
mi gracia es : camila
mi gracia es : camila 15 минут назад
Omg una chilena
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 38 минут назад
please don't use emojis, it affects the number of viewers. please appreciate their hard work. thanks
Let's get this to 30.M asap! Go go go!
Ayu Nur Saffitri
Ayu Nur Saffitri Час назад
Im really like music don't call me.
dongkolmie shine
dongkolmie shine 37 минут назад
thanks for your notice
Ayu Nur Saffitri
Ayu Nur Saffitri Час назад
Punten kumaha daramang :)
Hegexo Час назад
The song is amazing, and honestly when was there ever a Shinee song that wasn't?? But wth did their stylists smoke????
Hegexo 7 минут назад
@Zang Grine Def unique!
Hegexo 9 минут назад
@Nancy L Now that I've watched the mv like four more times, Im def more impressed with some of the styling choices! But i still think the outfits in the first shared set are hilarious!
Zang Grine
Zang Grine 14 минут назад
I actually like Key's styling in this MV!! SO UNIQUE
Nancy L
Nancy L 25 минут назад
@Hegexo if you know him. Hes got unique fashion. I like it bec its different and they can do what they want
Hegexo 56 минут назад
@Nancy L What???? What was he thinking 😂 Kudos for putting everyone in whatever he wanted I guess!
Kartika Leonita
Kartika Leonita Час назад
I LIKE WATCHING THE OPERA! This is the mean of ART!
M G 2 часа назад
Am feeling strange Am getting addicted to this song
Tiffany Ezeoke
Tiffany Ezeoke 2 часа назад
Omg there back
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